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Orange Wine Festival 2018



Here we are only a few weeks away from one of the biggest events on the Orange calendar… the Orange Wine Festival, or Wine Week as it’s known by most locals and plenty of visitors.

“What’s there to do in wine week?” is a the question from those poor people not in the know. 

Well… lots of wine tasting to start with!!  And isn’t that the cornerstone of conviviality, good humour and culture?   I hear a resounding affirmative cheer from the assembled and I have to agree.  

However – let the fun not stop there.  You can find pretty much anything you’d like to do, or try, or experience in the ten days in Orange.

Making sourdough bread and cider, attending one of Will Rickard-Bell’s exclusive masterclasses [that means tasting some simply extraordinary wines and learning how to appreciate them – seriously d’uh!  When all’s said and done… what’s not to appreciate about wine].

Attending functions hosted by wineries and eateries like De Salis Wines and Racine [Charlie’s wines and Shaun’s food in the same room together should be illegal! Willpower counts for nought]. 

You’re probably sensing a bit of a theme…?.

So just do yourself a favour and get to Orange. Tell the boss you’re on an experiential educational retreat […well you are!], jump in the motor and head to Orange. Where you’ll find the intersection between country charm and urbane chic.

If you really must check out the program – you can find out more here.

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