Orange Wine Festival 2018

orange wine festival 2018


The Orange Wine Festival [Friday October 12 till Sunday 21 October 2018] is the region’s opportunity to celebrate the thriving wine industry and high-quality cool climate wines that are produced in the region. 

That's the official line... the truth of it is - The Orange Wine Festival is, along with FOOD Week - MUST be in your calendar each year.  

So you cannot allow 2018 to pass without being able to say to all your friends..."You should have been at Wine Week in Orange it was amazing / astonishing / astounding / surprising / bewildering / stunning [insert your own preferred word here]".

Be the envy of your friends and be the dinner invitee that everyone is clamouring for, as you dazzle the assembled with tales of your October exploits in Orange. 

Even better take along one of your favourite drops you picked up while in town and watch them lean forward with hushed gaze, as you evidence your now encyclopaedic knowledge of the winery, the conversation with the winemaker, the terroir, the masterclass you attended and more!!

Where to stay - when in town??  Well, you can always stay with us of course, we'd love to have you.  Check our calendar and see if there's availability.

No matter where you stay... get yourself to Orange.  There's over 90 events, including much loved favourites - the Orange Wine Show Tasting, Wine in the Vines, the Festival Night Market, Will Rickard's Masterclass and a fantastic range of events run by local producers and restaurateurs.

What ever you do, be sure not to procrastinate, the events are very popular and many have a limit to the number they can fit.  So look through the 2018 event calendar and decide what you might like to do, get your friends organised, get somewhere tp stay and start planning. To find out more about what's on and to book tickets to events, click here.

Let's face it - this October anyone who's anyone will be at the Orange Wine Festival... will that include you?