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Newcrest Challenge 2019

Several wines, a few beers, one or two meals and a lot of work... all have contributed to the sorry state of my cycling.  The thought of jumping on the bike for a half hour ride to 'The Park' an hour and a half getting smashed around the Eastern Suburbs, then another 30 mins home, seems so far from my reality right now it's appalling.

The climb seems almost insurmountable... then along comes the Newcrest Challenge.  What to do?  Well not 170kms to start with. Not at this point. But perhaps this is the goal required to unhitch the Cannondale off the wall and get the wheels turning again.

I can feel the hurt already. And the comfort of well ridden roads around Sydney aren't there.  The bunches to hook on the back of... the squad to throw myself back into... the coach screaming in my ear to accelerate over the top of the hill - not coast into it. 

So I know what the answer is - even if I don't like it - stop thinking about it and start doing it.

March 2019 - okay. Where are those nicks?  Where's a top I can squeeze into? The road back is such a bitch. 

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