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Summer Snow

Every summer, a least early summer, the Robinia in the backyard bursts into leaf... followed shortly thereafter by an amazing cover of bunches of white/pink flowers.  Kind of like the Jacaranda, only back to front.  Leaves first then flowers.

It's a sign that summer is upon us.

Creating the perfect shady canopy to enjoy a morning coffee, escape the heat of the day, or enjoy a chilled evening glass of rosé.

After an all too brief explosion of colour it starts to fall.  The little coloured petals creating a carpet over the green grass below, almost like a dusting of snow - summer snow.  With the wind behind them they waft over the fence, resting wherever they find a little ledge or spot to sit.  Albeit a brief interlude, it's a very picturesque one.

However, with all the rain we've had, leading into summer, the grass took on a life of its own, seemingly growing in front of your eyes!

So mowing has been a repetitive necessity, shredding the carpet of petals and banishing them to the compost. 

Until the autumn when the leaves follow a similar downward trajectory, creating a green on green colour-scape.  That’s unless we don’t see rain, in which case it’ll be green on brown.

Leaving the winter branches bare.  Just thorny sticks, storing up the energy to burst into life again as the days lengthen and warm.

Can’t wait!

Jacqui Ferris