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It's The People That Make It

Sometimes you meet people and just click.  Within minutes there a cacophony as you wrestle for air space amidst the conversation.

You’ve only just met, but it’s as if you’ve known each other for years and years.

You need to make sure that you don’t get into the ‘bah humbug’ mindset when you’re boarding a bus.  50 of you heading out to taste wine and food and learn some new things about Orange. 

There’s that fleeting moment of ‘Why are we actually doing this…?’, then you get into conversation with the people in front, the people behind, across the aisle.

After a couple fo stops some food and wine, it all seems a lot easier.  And a lot more sense keeping your hands off the steering wheel, as you sample a few more local offerings.

So then we bump into a group of four friends, mates in reality.  They’ve know each other for a lifetime and the conversation flows as easily as some exceptional chardonnay.  It’s easy, enjoyable, no pretence. And then you get enveloped in all that and it continues.

Before you know it, you’re talking more than drinking and swapping anecdotes about Orange, the climate, pluses and minuses.

Arriving back at the drop of point for your walk home, you’re already arranging when next to catch up.

They’ll be at the housewarming for sure, they’ve already got tickets for the next ‘foodie’ outing, we hope we can join them.

Plans are already afoot for a more permanent footprint in the area.

It’s always the people that make it.

Jacqui Ferris