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It's Sunday morning in beautiful Orange - it's warm, sunny and a breeze is flowing through the cottage - very pleasant.

Our renovation is now complete and we're now seeing the fruits of our efforts, with some forthcoming guest activity building nicely. Our first ever guests have come twice in the space of 3 weekends and they're now looking at buying a place here! Orange has that affect on some people.

Over coffee this morning outside, Mr TC and I were musing over the last 8 months: the hard work, road trips to and from Orange (too numerous to count), the focus, drive and determination it takes to: a) get a reno designed, planned - that's the easy bit - and b), actually get it done! It's no mean feat and not for the fainthearted, as those who have done it, will attest.

It got me thinking about the transitions. In my day job, I work a great deal with leaders whose organisations, are seemingly, forever going through 'change & transformation'. It's got to be one of the most routine terms I hear. These change programs often occur very quickly - with the pace and adrenalin that sports people would dream of, but which can also knock people for six.

And according to Herminia Ibarra the best transitions need to take a good 3-5 years to happen well and to be sustainable. She talks largely about career transitions, but the same applies to life I feel. Ibarra says that if you really want to achieve a career change, the bests way forward is to negotiate with your current employer: perhaps they would accept you on a 4-day week, rather than 5, then you could use the 5th day for some study, to volunteer with a company that does what you aspire to work in full time, or something else. She then cites how various people actually made that happen.

I've navigated my own career changes like this, and it's been the same with our tree change. In fact, it took way longer than 5 years and we're still working out of Sydney, more than half the time. However, patience, whilst not one of my virtues, has definitely paid off.

As you may know from previous posts, we bought this place back in 2011. I'd hatched an idea that what with everything we had tied up in Sydney, a house in Orange, which was comparatively cheap might be something that could be achieved, as long as we could rent it out to cover the mortgage. Other more expensive places, were just out of the question - and the seasons, food and wine were a major benefit. We could never have imagined how much so, until we started coming here regularly.

If you are thinking of a tree change and want to check out Orange, Bathurst, Millthorpe or the other beautiful spots in the Central West (and you don't mind a cold winter), come and pay a visit.

When planning your dates, check out F.O.O.D WEEK, and for those who like the theatre, Orange Regional Theatre is hosting some wonderful shows this year cost a fraction of what you'd pay in the main centre. Check it out.

And remember, when and if you do ever visit Orange, come and stay at The Sampson - Orange.

Jacqui Ferris