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We're the lucky ones - Thank you!

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We love that we get guests who will write their thoughts in our Visitors Book. Like wee Eloise – how very carefully articulate at seven years of age or Serena [above].

But in updating reviews and including some recent ones, it gave us pause to go back over many others we had received in the year since we invited our first guest at The Sampson – Orange.  The time has simply flown by!

And we have been privileged to welcome a lot of amazing people to share what Orange has to offer – to hopefully excite them about the prospect of visiting again to explore some more, relax some more, soak up the ‘vibe’ a little more – hopefully to make Orange a new destination for them – just as it became for us a decade ago.

More than anything we continue to be taken aback by the incredible generosity of spirit and genuine excitement shown by our guests - although it hardly seems the appropriate word… more like friends - who’ve stayed.

We are humbled by how many people say “Thank you for allowing us to stay…” – it’s testament to the fact that we have, in some small way, managed to achieve what we set out to do.  Have ‘The Sampson’ feel like a home away from home, somewhere to just arrive, relax and unwind – in preparation for some serious and much deserved pampering!

That’s exactly how we like to/want to feel when we go away.

We are just as excited about every new ‘friend’ we welcome, as we were when we received our first booking.  The trepidation and anticipation is the same… and that’s exactly as it should be.  When it’s not… maybe that’s the time we should re-think.  When it’s just phone numbers and emails – rather than people, then we’re getting jaded and it will become quickly obvious.

Then it’s just about room nights, rather than inviting people to delight in the discovery of exciting new possibilities and experiences – just like we did when we were visitors exploring.  Even as residents, that excitement hasn’t dulled.

Jacqui FerrisComment