Washington & Co

washington & co whiskey bar

So, here's the thing... I don't like whiskey.   So the thought of a bar that specialises in something I have no taste for is not at first blush, that appealing. 

But I am supportive of all new ventures, of good venues... and everyone is talking about it.  So when visiting friends said "Let's go to Washingtons" as we polished the last of the post dinner wine, we all agreed we had to be there.

Sunday evening, late... Washingtons was going off!  So if you're under 35 wondering where the hip crowd are... they were at Washington's that night.  It could have been the heart of Surry Hills.  The vibe was brilliant, the live music - outstanding, the cocktails - 10/10.

So if you're in town - get down to Washinton's - you are guaranteed not to be disappointed.

All fortune to Washington & Co I say.