We first experienced Shaun Arantz's food when he was chef at Mayfield.  It was a favorite place to hang out. Long lunch and the coffees outside overlooking the dam, regardless of the temperature.

We've no idea how anyone could cook in the kitchen there, hardly enough room to change your mind let alone put up the fantastic food that he did.

We were excited to see what the move to Racine would bring and we weren't disappointed. 

We made up for the fact that we hadn't eaten there in a while, and popped out for a Sunday lunch.  Very reminiscent of our first experience of Shaun's handiwork almost a decade ago.  It's amazing how much he's learnt in ten years!!  The food was his brilliant best [the pork belly was to die for] the service that just right mix of attentive, relaxed, efficient, friendly - that can so easily be gotten wrong.  And a wee walk around before the cab home.

The Will Rickard-Bell 2016 Pinot Noir was a perfect match.

It's so easy when you live here, not to go out and experience places again.  The risk is you can become a little jaded and stale.  So it was worth the effort to break routine and treat ourselves for no reason at all.

Thanks Shaun, Willa and the team... 10/10.