Percy’s Bar & Kitchen

Percy’s Bar & Kitchen

One of Orange’s newest and busiest venues, Percy’s Bar & Kitchen, was established by two Sydney-siders, Chris and Fraser.  Like their bar's namesake, Captain Percy, they made the trip west of the mountains to continue the growing movement in the NSW food and wine scene.

Percy’s is a great stop for that casual meal in casual surroundings, generally always some where you can count on.

We have been there when its not too busy, simply because we're not there to socialise, rather enjoy a good robust meal and some good wine.

But this joint really goes off.  And if there are top-knots in town, you'll probably find them here.

Far more hip then us, but we never feel as if we've walked in the wrong door. Service is fast, food excellent and priced well [$$].

The design would be at home in the heat of Surry Hills and is the work of award winning designers Luchetti Krelle, of Momofuku Seiobo, Chimmichurri, Ananas and SoCal fame.

An easy stroll from The Sampson - Orange, give you a chance to work up the appetite on the way there... and ease the food bump a little on the way home.  In the cool crisp of winter it's a nice walk.