Hotel Canobolas

Hotel Canobolas

The Hotel Canobolas is one of the Central Wests most iconic hotels.  It was originally the Club House Hotel.   The original two storey building was grand with a first floor cast iron veranda. The pub underwent a name change around 1899 to the Club Hotel.

A new building built by Tooheys [the one you'll see today] was erected in the Art Deco style in 1939 and named the Hotel Canobolas.

It was said that it was the home for visiting Royalty, Prime Ministers, famous entertainers, VIPs, government officials and sporting people.  A major refurbishment of the interior was carried out in 2004.

If you want a great dependable dinner... head for the 'Nob'.  Good dinner menu, including some great steak options.  Comes with a farm size portion of veges.

You can select your own steak, and possibly even grill it, albeit we've never done so. We always partake of the steak or pie [you must try the pie!] and let others manage the kitchen.

This is often our go-to for a Friday or Saturday dinner... but be warned - book ahead. the rest of Orange is doing the same!

Plenty of dining location option and after dinner you can head upstairs to the bar for some more wine or 'afters'.

Good value and solid food [$$].