Winery Cycle Trail #2

winery cycle map 2

Our view of 'visiting some wineries' is not trying to squeeze too much into one day.  Dr Google says that this route will take you about 1½ hours, but if you're out for a leisurely ride you may stretch that somewhat. [We have not road tested this route on a bike... so please direct all complaints to Dr Google, c/o Google].

Whether by bike or car, we think this will be a nice pace for the day. 

The suggestion would be to head for De Salis first - better to do that on fresh legs because you will be going uphill - but the view and the wine are worth it.  Once you are sitting on the balcony at the cellar door you will have forgotten the ride up - seriously!

The great news is it's mostly downhill to get back, so you'll be heating up your brake pads on the decent - and the view is breath taking.

A short right hand excursion to Rowlee Wines and then a little further on towards town to get to Montoro Wines.  One of the newer cellar doors and some brilliant wines. 

Then it's heading for home. The road back is a little undulating - but you'll need it by now and besides... that's what the wee gears are for.

Then it's home to chill out and talk like an expert about the merits of what you've been tasting. Well, you'll be an expert by then.

The good news is most wineries will send you your purchases, so you won't need to cycle around with your ever burgeoning collection of bottles.

Please provide any feedback, advice and insights so other guests can benefit from your experience.