Everyone needs a fail-safe chook shop.  For those moments when you can't be bothered cooking and are ready to binge out on Netflix, or you just want a really tasty addition to the serving plate.

Choox is it. Quite simply the best charcoal chook around.  Being somewhat biased and having a terrific real McCoy charcoal chicken shop near home - we're always suspect of any shop opening with a rotisserie, claiming to be 'charcoal chicken' when it's all just painted on basting.

Choox cooks there chooks [say that quickly three times!] over a bed of charcoal.  They taste better than they look.  Throw in some salad, veges, chips, etc and you have a ready made lunch or dinner.

You will go back for more.  Handily placed right near IGA and Dan Murphy's for the condiments and complements, it's easy to find.  Just look for the queue.

Well priced [$] and well cooked.