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Bills Beans

bills beans

If you're looking or somewhere to satisfy your caffeine requirement... then just head to Bill's Beans. Ricky and the crew serve up the best Ristretto around. The service is great, the food is terrific... the coffee is 'to die for'!

I have often been called a coffee tragic, but I subscribe to the belief that while "Life is too short to drink bad wine." , life is similarly too short to drink bad coffee.

So whilst many people can concoct a semblance of a cup of coffee... and some make a pretty good fist of it... it's a rare treat to find someone who can make a cup of sheer brilliance.

As a drinker of double ristretto [or double espresso if I'm looking for a little more in the cup], the ability of the barista is immediately obvious. No milk or sugar to hide behind, just a teaspoon or two of syrupy, nutty, chocolatey heaven.  If it's made badly there is no alternative than to ask for it to be remade. To many ‘fails’ and it’s time to move on.

I can count on one hand [or as an old mate of mine used to say… “the left hand of a west Coast saw-miller” – and anyone that grown up around sawmills, knows that no left hand survives with a full compliment of digits!] the number of cafes that I can ask for a double ristretto with confidence that what I’ll get will be great coffee.  Even fewer where it will be outstanding.

One you can bank on, is Bills Beans.

So how far would you go for a really great coffee?  For me I’ll pop in the car for 3 hours and end up in East Orange at the best kept secret in Australia.

Whatever you do... keep it to yourself!!  But when you go, don't forget to say "Hi" to Ricky.

And remember… when next in town, stay at The Sampson – Orange.  World famous - right here in Orange.